Bizzare facts About The 4th Of July!

For Starters,since Christopher Columbus led a Spanish expedition to the "New World" in 1492, much of what is modern day America was under European rule.

Most of North and South America was divided up between the Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Dutch governments.The 18th century was a period of conflict in Europe with several wars, including the Seven Years War, taking place.This conflict spread across the countries' colonised states, including the Thirteen Colonies in America.

In 1775, the Thirteen Colonies declared a war of independence against the Empire and stopped paying taxes to the British.

On July 4th 1776 the colonies, who were still at war with the British,
announced the US Declaration of Independence which announced that they regarded themselves as 13 independent states that are not ruled by the British.

The majority of the declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman and Robert L Livingston also
 comprised the committee that drafted the declaration.

In 1782 the British Parliament finally agreed to end all offensive operations in North America and the
following year all parties signed the Treaty of Paris in which Great Britain agreed to recognize the sovereignty of the United States and formally end the war.

The last British troops departed New York City on November 25, 1783, marking the end of British rule in the new United States.