Boyfriend makes surprise beachside proposal under a rainbow

This heartwarming video captures the moment when Sterling Sipe proposed to his girlfriend Jen on Miami Beach beneath a rainbow.

The magical surprise scene was engineered by Sterling, who had arranged for his girlfriend to hold a photoshoot on the beach, while he held up cardboard signs that spelled out "Will. You. Marry. Me?" in the background.

Jen was then shown the photos with the proposal signs in the background, and once she realised, he appeared dressed in a suit jacket with roses and got down on one knee. Reportedly a friend had buried these in preparation for that exact moment.

The rainbow behind them was a happy coincidence, but Jen Sipe believed it was more than that, saying: "After my mom's passing, she had given me rainbows before. The rainbow on Miami beach behind us as Sterling asked me to be his wife was my mom smiling down on us with her blessing."

This video was filmed on November 22, 2015.