Brazen thieves get caught in the act

On March 28, 2019 around 2:48 pm, Cape Coral Police responded to a call for service at 221 Northeast 20th Terrace in reference to a grand theft complaint.

According to the victim, her dog alerted to the presence of unwanted guests on her driveway at approximately 2:45 pm by barking. The victim pulled up the in-home security cameras and found a white male, weighing approximately 175-180 pounds, 30 years of age, 5`10" to 6`00" wearing a dark gray t-shirt, and dark orange colored shorts. He had a black compression sleeve on his left elbow-upper arm with a white colored thin, stripe wrapped around. The male had black knee pads on and a black colored, cloth ball cap with a red brim. The male wore tennis shoes that were black and white in color.

With the unknown male was a white female, weighing in at approximately 115-125 pounds, 30 years of age, and a height of 5`06" to 5`07." She was wearing a red/maroon colored, long sleeve shirt and short blue shorts. She wore mirrored aviator sunglasses and had straight long blonde hair which was tied up in a pony tail. The unknown female also had black gloves on her hands. The subjects arrived in a white Ford pickup truck.

The victim watched the two suspects go to her trailer and lawn mower that parked in the driveway, approximately three feet from the garage door. The victim became concerned the subjects were going to take her property. The suspects then started to move the trailer and its lawn mower load down the driveway by hand.

The victim opened the garage door and the suspects fled back to their pickup truck after dropping the trailer in the driveway. The suspects got into their pickup truck and drove away north bound on Northeast 2nd Place.

Although the suspects were unsuccessful at taking the victim’s property with them, they temporarily obtained the trailer and lawn mower without her permission.

Credit: Cape Coral Police Department