Cambodian man rescued after spending four days wedged between rocks in a cave

A Cambodian man was rescued after spending four days wedged between rocks without food or water.

Sum Bora, 28, was hiking on a mountain searching for bat guano - bat droppings used as fertiliser - when he slipped into the cave in Battambang, northwestern Cambodia, on Sunday (04/08).

His mother called the police when he failed to return and rescue teams began searching on Wednesday (August 7) morning. 

They found him alive as he was trapped behind a narrow opening in the cave.

The team attempted to widen the gap for the man to crawl through but the mountain rocks were too hard and difficult to drill. 

More 200 rescue workers were involved in the rescue in the afternoon, spending ten hours drilling the rocks before crawling inside to pull the man out. 

The guano collector was safely rescued and still conscious at 6 pm. He was immediately delivered to the hospital where he is recovering.

Sao Ratana, the deputy police chief of Phnom Proek district, said that Sum Bora did not suffer serious injuries - but he was exhausted and hungry after four days of struggling.

The chief said: ''The victim was able to speak to authorities at the scene. He told us that he was out collecting bat droppings when he fell into the cave.

''He said that he tried shouting for help but nobody seemed to hear him. He started to lose energy and all he could do was wait.''

Bora is currently recovering in Battambang Provincial Referral Hospital, where the doctors are closely monitoring his condition.