Charred puppies rescued from field fire after locals burn dead trees in Thailand

This is the miraculous moment two charred puppies were rescued from a burning field after locals set fire to dead trees in Thailand.

Firefighters were battling the flames when they noticed two little dogs were struggling to escape the inferno.

The men then jumped across the fence running into the burning woods before and carried the two-month-old pups out. They emerged coughing and spluttering with burned black fur.

Rescuers washed them and found the white puppy was in a healthy condition while the brown one was scalded and burned across more than 20 percent of his body.

Noppachai Klin-sungnoen, the chief of Nakhon Ratchasima’s Forest Fire Control Division, said that the rescue team were delighted to find the pooches and save them in time.

He said: ‘’It was possible that these puppies had been living around the area before a fire. They might not have been able to run from the burning forest up to the road because it was too high for them.

‘’I didn’t know if there were more puppies in there. If there were more, then they might be already burned to death. But we were still glad to save these two.’’

Unfortunately, the mother was not seen in the area and is believed to have perished in the flames.

Officers provided basic first aid to the puppies before sending them both to vets.

The white puppy has been adopted while the injured one is still under the good care of the vet, waiting to fully recover.