Check Out These 18 Science Gifs That Are Solely Purposed To BLOW YOUR MIND!!!


Science was, is and will remain an interesting subject for the human race as without science there is nothing much in this world! These 18 amazing gifs will make you really fall in love with science even more...

1. This is how the internal mechanism of a lock works


2. Beans’ tendrils slowly rotate to find solid supports to climb


3. This clip illustrates how small the earth would be compared to NML Cygni, the largest known star


4. This is what an egg looks like underwater without its shell


5. Here’s what happens when you dump a pot of boiling water into -41C air



6. This is how a ladybug unsheathes its wings and lifts off


7. This is how military helmet camouflage is applied


8. Dogs cup their tongues like this to lap up water


9. The chrysopelea, or flying snake, can glide as many as 100 meters through the air


10. The sun never sets during an arctic summer – here’s what a “day” looks like


11. These boxes demonstrate why the Pythagorean Theorem is true


12. One theory claims that the Easter Island statues were “walked” to their places


13. This gif shows the development of the human face in the womb


14. Here’s how chains are assembled


15. This gif demonstrates why snake venom is deadly


16. How to remove your computer monitor’s polarizing filter


17. Sulfur hexaflouride, a gas much denser than air, is poured into a boat that is floating on it


18. Some octopuses have uncanny and amazing camouflage skills