Cheeky dogs caught stealing crisps from shop

This is the hilarious moment a dog was caught on CCTV stealing a packet of crisps from a corner shop.

The cheeky pooch was loitering outside the grocery store in Samut Sakhon, Thailand, on February 6.

After looking over its shoulder to check nobody was watching, it then approached a shelf and grabbed the foil packet in its mouth before quickly disappearing.

His friend tried the same heist but was scared away when a car arrived.

Owner Nong Nan, 25, noticed the theft when she watched back the security cameras. She said: ''The driver told me about the dogs hanging around and there were some packets of crisps on the floor. I checked the cameras and saw what had happened. It was funny.''

The dogs were identified as belonging to a neighbour. Nong added: ''He came round and apologised and paid for the crisps that were taken.''