Chinese teen boy has 29 magnetic beads removed from bladder

A 13-year-old boy in northern China had 29 magnetic beads removed from his bladder after inserting them into his penis.

The shocking video, filmed in Xi'an City in Shaanxi Province on May 21, shows the X-ray image of the magnetic beads in the boy's bladder.

In another clip, a doctor also showed the 29 magnetic beads to the camera after they had been removed from the boy through surgery.

According to reports, the curious boy inserted the magnetic beads into his penis and failed to take them out.

Since the boy felt embarrassed he did not tell his parents until they found that he walked with a limp and questioned him.

The boy reportedly had a bad constant pain and even urinated blood over the past three months.

Finally, doctors removed the 29 magnetic beads from his body and he continues to make his recovery at home.