Cute Cub and Mama Bear Crossing

Occurred on June 5, 2019 / Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Info from Licensor: "My name is Olivier Smolinski and I'm the founder of Olivier's Trails DMC, a destination management company based out of New York City, servicing North America. At the time this video was taken, I was guiding an 8-day private hiking tour through British Columbia and Alberta for my guests from Europe. After a day of kayaking on Maligne Lake at Jasper National Park, we took the scenic Icefields Parkway to get to the town of Lake Louise. Before reaching Lake Louise, my guests said they would rather skip a restaurant dinner (it was 8 PM, restaurants wouldn't be open for much longer) if I took them to a few more epic viewpoints. So I decided to turn back and show them the Bow Summit overlook of Peyto Lake. It was meant to be, because right after we left Bow Summit, my guest, sitting in the front passenger seat, noticed 2 bears on the left side of the road. I quickly pulled over and stopped the car, just as the bears started to cross the road. I immediately took out my phone and started recording while at the same time realizing that these were 2 Grizzly Bears! (we had already seen a total of 4 Black Bears throughout the tour). There are only about 65 Grizzlies in Banff National Park, so my guests and I considered ourselves very lucky. It was also my birthday that day, so I feel like this was some kind of a present."