Dog desperately tries to revive friend killed on the roadside

This is the heartbreaking moment a stray dog was seen frantically trying to revive its friend – killed on the roadside after a hit-and-run.

The white and black Aspin breed was seen desperately scratching and pawing at the brown mongrel in Quezon City, Philippines on August 14.

He even gently prodded the mutt's head and tried to lift her leg up in her mouth in a last-ditch bid to rouse her to her feet.

The male dog spent several minutes trying to wake the dead female before reluctantly giving up and slinking away along the pavement.

Onlooker Jay Villanueva was driving home when parked up to record the scene which he said ''broke my heart''.

He added: ''Drivers should be careful not to harm anyone on the road, even dogs. They don't understand the right of way, they don't understand traffic rules like 'stop, look and listen'.

''Some people will say 'oh, it's just a dog', but look at the video. They are like family, like best friends. Life is so important to them as well.''

Jay walked out of his car and moved the body of the dead dog into the bushes. He added: ''I felt very sorry for both of the dogs, the male was upset. He clearly had feelings.''