Dog Using New Bed to Escape Sun Fails Successfully

Occurred on June 3, 2022 / Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Info from Licensor: "This is my dog Bella. She’s very loyal and a typical ‘velcro dog’ who likes to be right by my side constantly - including when I’m sunbathing in the garden. She won’t go inside or sit in the shade, so to stop her from overheating I bought her this elaborate raised bed which has a sun canopy over the top, in the hope I could get her to sit next to me in the bed and be in the shade. I also threw a light blanket over it to block out more of the sun. However, instead of lying on it, she crawled underneath it and fell asleep…typical! It was sort of a ‘mission failed successfully’ moment though, because although that wasn’t what I had in mind, it did the job! Bella actually loves to crawl under small spaces and fall asleep, she does the same thing under our sofas and tables, so I should have seen this coming. We’ve used the bed a couple of times now and she does lie on it too, but she still likes crawling underneath it as well. Which is fine, it keeps her out of the sun!