Dog with Neurological Disorder Balances Cup on Nose While Pushing Skateboard

Occurred on December 27, 2020 / Italy

Info from Licensor: A dog named Will balances a glass of water while skateboarding without spilling any drops on the ground. His concentration is high, he controls both the thrust of the skateboard and the balance of the glass at the same time. Will is the companion and friend of the dog named Rush who appeared on several television networks. His story is moving because unlike Rush, he is not healthy but suffers from a severe cluster form of epilepsy and is forced to take many drugs to try to control this disease. Neurologists gave him up for dead saying that at 3 years old he would have died, but he is always ready to show that he wants to live with the owners who are doing everything for him. For a normal dog, it is more simple to do this, for him it is doubly difficult.