Dog Wraps himself in Blanket – Try not to "Aww"

We all know that dogs love to do all sorts of funny things but hiding under a blanket is something my pup never did! So, naturally it never even crossed my mind that other dogs might like to do that! The one in this video seems to love it, and I can’t help but wonder what the story behind it could be! My first thought is a cozy nap after a good game of playing fetch because that’s what my pup would probably do if he had such a big blanket! But I imagine this little fellow here could actually be much wittier than that! He seems like a pup who loves to pull pranks on his human friends! And this could be one of his favorite practical jokes! He goes hiding in different places and waits for them to come and looks for him. And when they do, he just jumps out and scares them! LOL!