Elderly Chinese man attempts to buy car for 13 yuan after incorrect price is advertised

This bizarre video captured an elderly Chinese man forcing a saleswoman to sell him a car for only 13 yuan (£1.50) after the incorrect price was advertised in northern China.

The clip, filmed in Qinhuangdao city in Hebei province on July 9, shows an old man giving 13 yuan cash to a saleswoman and forcing her to get a car for him.

He said: "Whether the advertisement was wrong or not is none of my business. If the advert was from your store, then give me the car."

The saleswoman said: "Uncle, the money is really not enough for a car."

Then the man replied: "13 yuan! I don't need changes."

The Saleswoman replied: "It is really not enough, uncle. The car is worth 129,800 yuan."

The elderly man then said: "It showed 12.98 yuan on your advert!"

Then the saleswoman recommended the old man to pay with a no-deposit loan so he even did not need to pay 13 yuan, which irritated the old man more.

A woman standing beside the man suddenly threw her driving license onto the table and said: "I have a driving license, I will buy the car! Based on the law, you need to take responsibility for your advert."

As the crowds pushed the saleswoman to give them cars, she squatted down and cried.

Some netizens thought the video was made up by the car store for promotion purpose. However, the saleswoman denied that and confirmed their mistakes on the advertisements.