Family organises wedding ceremony for groom who 'couldn't find a partner' in India

Ajay, who was born with a learning disability, always wanted to have a wedding of his own and would often ask his father to arrange it.

His family always thought that finding a match for him would not be easy.

His father Vishnubhai Barot, who works as a conductor with Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation, said: "My son would attend all wedding ceremonies in our place and ask us about his own wedding. But we could not find a match for him."

Vishnubhai and Ajay's brothers decided to hold a wedding celebration though without a bride to meet Ajay’s demand.

The wedding ceremony for Ajay Barot, a 27-year-old with special needs, was held in Himmatnagar town in north-western India on May 10.

They spent Rs two lakh (2,200 GBP) to organise a wedding ceremony and invited nearly 800 people for the feast.

There was music, dance and religious ceremonies in all of which the groom enjoyed himself though without a bride.

“I fulfilled my son's dream and did not bother about what people would talk," said Vishnubhai.