Flaming cocktail is a fiery fail at Philippines party

An attempt at a flaming cocktail turns into a fiery fail at a Philippines party on May 1.

A group of friends from were excited to try out the cocktail their friend mixed - until it caught fire.

In the video taken inside a home in Tacloban City, the Philippines, on May 1, two men are seen lighting their homebrew alcoholic drink. Lighting cocktails is done for aesthetics, but some belive it can also make them taste better.

However, as one of the men began shaking the drink, the fire became uncontrollable and even the plastic pitcher was burnt.

Tyron Latoja, one of the people who attended the gathering said his friends who did the mixing were too embarrased by the cocktail fail to have their identities revealed. He said: "It was a fun night still, but they're a bit ashamed because people will judge their skills after they messed up the cocktail.''