Four-Year-Old Dressed As Mini Guardsman Gets A Special Surprise

A video has emerged of a four-year-old boy dressed as a mini guardsman, greeting and saluting the guardsmen at Windsor Castle. Little Marshall Scott was up for a birthday blast when he received his own personal royally salute from one of the guardsmen!

Parents took this birthday boy to visit the <a href="" target="_blank">Windsor Castle</a> and meet his heroes, but he wasn’t expecting to interact with the guards. One soldier made his day extra-special when he called the boy and had their picture taken.

Watch how well Marshall Scott plays the role of a miniature guardsman wearing a red uniform, and greeting the gentlemen marching right next to him. Moments later, one of the Coldstream Guards, Lance Corporal Paul Edden, returned to greet the kid and volunteered to pose for a photo with him. What a nice gesture. The little fellow will remember this birthday surprise for a long time!

Marshall's mum Imogen Scott says that he is very patriotic and believes that the Queen is lovely and beautiful. It was his birthday wish to visit the castle for his birthday and nobody expected what was about to happen. This fine gesture left the boy speechless and the family overwhelmed and thankful for everything.

Apparently, the soldier who came back for a photo with Marshall has offered the little boy a tour of Windsor castle. Is this even real? Talk about dreams coming true for this birthday boy! Hopefully this fine surprise will inspire little Marshall to become a real <a href="" target="_blank">guardsman</a> one day and put his patriotic spirit into action!

credit: joanna___feng Instagram