Frightened kitten rescued after hiding in storm drain to escape pack of wild dogs

This is the heartwarming moment a kitten was rescued after getting trapped in a drain while fleeing from a pack of wild dogs.

Avika Chatrakulrak, 25, called the rescue foundation after hearing the baby cat crying from the roadside gutter in Krabi, southern Thailand on June 10.

Neighbours said the kitten scampered inside while trying to hide from being chased by several ravenous street dogs.

Rescuers from the Krabi Pitak Pracha Foundation used cutting tools to widen the steel bars in order to reach the frightened animal but she went deeper inside as she was so scared of being touched.

Officer had to lie down on the wet rainy road, trying to take the frightened kitten out from the hole. The team spent about 10 minutes in the heavy rain to save the little cat.

Kindhearted Avika decided to adopt her and took her home immediately because she thought the cat was too young to live on her own.

The cat lover said: ''She was so young. I think she was only one-month-old. She looked very scared and insecure too, so it’s impossible to leave her.

''My family also have many cats at home, so I think it would be great for her to stay with us and have some friends.''