Frog on Handrail Makes a Ruckus

Occurred on May 4, 2019 / Savannah, Georgia, USA

Info from Licensor: "Last May, my bf at the time and I took a road trip from Chicago, Illinois to the Everglades in Florida. On the way there we stopped at a hotel in Savanah, Georgia for a few nights. The first day we arrived, the sun was still out so when it started getting dark, I started hearing some 'bepbep' noises. I thought they were singing insects of some sorts. As they became louder all the sudden it hits me. I run to the door towards the weird noises. Not too far from our room was a tiny swampy pond that had a cute white bridge going across it. I was surrounded by singing froggy boys! That night was one of many magical moments we shared during our trip, including me saying, 'I DO!'"