'Go away you t**t!' Pro-Kremlin blogger escorted from Bellingcat Q&A by police

Infamous British blogger and former Kremlin media commentator Graham Phillips gatecrashes a Q&A with online investigative outlet Bellingcat outside the Houses of Parliament. On Tuesday Bellingcat released a full report on the second Skripals poisoning suspect, Dr. Alexander Mishkin.

In the footage, Phillips acts disruptively to the point that he is asked "can you stick to journalistic principles?" by a journalist at the scene.

Phillips, wielding his handheld camera, repeatedly asks Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins "where's your proof," while Higgins, clearly amused, points out that it was all posted on the website.

The Tuesday report published online extensively detailed how Higgins' team identified Dr. Alexander Mishkin as the second suspect in the novichok poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in March this year, managing to trace him back to his childhood home in Loyga, near Archangelsk in northern European Russia, and finding that he was also linked to the GRU (Russian military intelligence), owning a vehicle registered at GRU headquarters' address. The Q&A coincided with the publication of the report.

Phillips continues to interrupt the Q&A, and a second journalist shouts "go away, you t**t, you're a bore."

Phillips says that he is independent and crowdfunded. He has a PayPal set up for donations, although there is little transparency about the sources of these crowdfunding donations. Phillips previously cooperated with both RT and Russian defence ministry outlet Zvezda.

He was later escorted away by police, according to further reports.