Heartbreaking video shows injured elephant being treated after collapsing

An injured elephant was found near a town in Sri Lanka toppled over into a mudpit after hurting its foot, triggering a rescue and aid effort for the lost beast.

The elephant was found in the Divulapelessa area in Girandurukotte in eastern Sri Lanka yesterday (December 11). The villagers had no idea when the elephant arrived or how it became injured and fell into the mud.

When the villagers noticed the elephant in the mud at a paddy field in the nearby Ulhitiya Oya forest reserve, they immediately informed the forest officials and veterinarians.

The elephant couldn't move due to a major injury to its foot and can be seen being fed and watered while lying down. The veterinarian who checked the elephant confirmed that the injury was to its right back foot, and the right and left side of the front foot of the elephant were also in neural discomfort.

The veterinarians are currently treating the elephant, while villagers gathered around the elephant tried to clear the mud by pouring water on it. They also offered fruits and leaves to the elephant to keep it healthy and calm.

However despite receiving medical attention veterinarians believe the elephant is unlikely to recover due to the severity of its injury.