Hilarious scene as dad faceplants into a stream while throwing his children over

A hilarious fail was caught on camera in Indonesia when a father slipped face-first into a stream in Indonesia while throwing his children over.

Raja Prabu, 35, successfully threw his two sons and two of their friends across the 4ft wide water-filled ditch on a mountainside in Jawa Barat, Indonesia, last Thursday (December 13).

But after launching his six-year-old daughter Kia to the opposite bank, Raja slipped on the wet mud and fell face first into the filthy water causing a large splash.

The video, filmed by another of his sons, shows the laughter from the group as Raja, a mechanic, has to pick himself up from the stream.

Speaking after, he said: ''The girl was the lightest of the group, but my arms were getting tired. My left front slipped, then my back foot could not grip. I saw I was falling and just tried to put my arms down to protect myself.

''Thankfully the water was not deep. It was uncomfortable walking home in wet jeans and the children were mocking me.''