Homes submerged in water after heavy rain causes floods in the Philippines

Footage shows how residents had their homes turned into swimming pools after heavy rain hit The Philippines.

Houses in the Quezon City area of the capital region Manila were battered with the torrential downpour on Monday evening (June 25).

Mary Jane Villanueva filmed her family paddling through waist-deep flood water which had flooded her home.

She said: "It's worse now that it's night time, it's wet, dark and we can't see clearly outside."

''Sometimes, the flood can go way beyond the second floor of houses. It's terrible."

In the video, Villanueva walks around the house and out to show some of her neighbours trying to salvage their furniture and valuables from the dirty water.

One of her neighbours said: "Our houses were burned in a fire a couple of years ago and now we are submerged in flood water. But it's okay. Life goes on for us."