Indian couple end up falling into river trying to get perfect wedding photo

A hilarious video showed an engaged couple toppling out of a canoe while trying to kiss during a pre-wedding photo shoot in southern India.

The hilarious video, from April 13, shows the couple sat in a canoe and posing for some candid photos, near Pathanamthitta in Kerala state, when they lost their balance and fell out.

Their photoshoot took place along the banks of the Pamba river at Kadammanitta, and initially went smoothly with the couple posing holding a banana leaf over their heads.

When the cameramen asked them to get cosy and kiss each other, the boat lost its balance and the couple fell into the water. The couple and photographers can then be seen laughing about how things panned out.

After the video got over 150,000 views on the wedding planner's Facebook page, the organiser of the photoshoot commented they did not think it would go viral.

The couple, Tijin Thankachen and Silpa, are due to get married on May 6.