Indian woman batters bank manager after he allegedly makes sexual advances

A woman beat up a bank manager in full public view, who allegedly sought sex from her, to sanction a loan on Monday (October 17).

The 38-year-old woman, who cannot be identified under the Indian laws, said she had applied for a loan, equal to, just over £2000 a month ago.

The woman went to his house where he allegedly asked her to sleep with him if she wanted the loan.

Enraged, she dragged him out and thrashed him with a stick and her slippers. She also asked an onlooker to shoot a video saying he "had to be taught a lesson''.

Following a complaint by the victim, the police arrested Devayya (42), branch manager of DHFL Bank in Davanagere, Karnataka, India, on charges of sexual harassment.

The incident comes at the backdrop of a high-profile #Metoo movement in India.