It must be puppy hate! Owner catches kitten after dog nudges it off sofa

What could have been a loving moment between two pets turned sour when a kitten was pushed off a sofa by the family dog.

Three kittens which were abandoned by their mother were taken in by the filmer and introduced to the dog.

This family dog met one of the kittens for the first time but didn't think it was worthy of accompanying it on the sofa so decided to push it off with its nose.

The owner's knee-jerk reaction caught the little feline before it hit the floor.

The filmer said: "This is our dog meeting one of the three kittens for the first time

"The kitten’s mother didn’t take care of them, so we got them inside the house and looked after them until they were old enough to be adopted."

The video was captured in Mons, Belgium yesterday (January 21).