Jaw-dropping video shows India's 'rubber boy' doing extreme yoga

A 10-year-old known locally as "the rubber boy" in his hometown in northern India has an incredibly flexible body and was filmed doing some mind-bending stretches.

Ujjawal Vishwakarma, who started doing yoga at the age of six, can bend his body backwards to lie flat on the floor and come up again with the mere movement of his backbone. This routine is an incredibly difficult yoga position called the "Niralamaba Purna Chakrasana."

Video filmed yesterday (February 5) shows Ujjwal, acting on his trainer's cue, suddenly leaning backwards until his head touches the ground. He then slides his head further to lay straight on the ground on his back.

The boy then is able to lift his body from that position back to standing upright, and then repeats the whole process 16 times a minute.

Born to poor parents from the town of Sardhana in Uttar Pradesh state, Ujjwal is leaving no stone unturned to make his people proud and currently has his eye on setting a Guinness world record for doing the most number of back plank recline crunchers in a minute.

The boy practises yoga for three hours every day to hone his skills. However, he is not only one to do back plank recline crunches. Last year, an Indian school girl from Mysuru had set a world record for performing Niralamaba Purna Chakrasana 15 times in a minute. Ujjwal, a standard six student, is all set break that record.

Ujjwal's trainer commented: “Mysuru girl did 15 repetitions in one minute, while Ujjwal can do 16 to 18 repetitions. We have sent our application to the Guinness authorities."