Leopard rescued after breaking into chicken coop and sedated

A rogue leopard in western India was trapped inside a chicken coop and shot with a tranquiliser dart, before being rescued and released into the forest.

Video of the recovery shows the leopard leap into a flock of chickens, which scatter in different directions, but the leopard retreats back to its spot without attacking any of the terrified birds.

The dramatic incident occurred at a village in Junnar district near Pune, Maharashtra state on December 18.

The villagers of Otur spotted the leopard, a young three-year-old male, near a house next to a sugarcane field.

As soon as the leopard entered the chicken coop, the alert residents closed the door, locking it inside.

Realising that it was struck inside, and also due to the commotion outside, the leopard got too stressed and showed no interest in making a meal out of the birds.

The villagers then called forest officials, who came with a Wildlife SOS team, to rescue the animal in a two-hour operation.

The rescue team tranquilised the leopard and took it away to Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre (MLRC) in Junnar. It was later released in a forest after it recovered from its experience.