Loaded goods scatter across Chinese motorway after huge truck collision

This was the terrifying moment a truck's goods were scattered across the Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway after a huge collision.

The dramatic video, shot in Ganzhou city in Jiangxi province on June 30, shows a red transport truck bumping into a white truck stopping on the emergency lane, causing its cabin to be flattened and the goods to be thrown across the motorway.

Another video shows a woman trying to help the male driver stuck in the cabin to get out. She then stood on the cabin to wave her arms to ask for help.

After five minutes, a kind-hearted man climbed onto the truck cabin to check out the condition and later another man in a black T-shirt helped the trapped driver out.

According to reports, the red truck driver was tired whilst driving and the white truck driver did not follow the rules to set up the safety cone.

Fortunately, only two people had minor injuries.