Loon Family on an Overland Adventure

Occurred on June 18, 2019 / Pine Lake, Wisconsin, USA

Info from Licensor: "It's extremely rare to see a loon on land. Except for sitting on the nest, which is usually within a few feet of the water, they are never on land. The loons body is not formed for them to walk, instead they push off with their feet, dragging their breast on the ground. The loon in this video had a nest on a floating bog in the neighboring small lake. Once her two babies were born, she brought them over to our larger lake, which meant going across land at least 100 yards or more. We first saw her when she came off the road and down our driveway, into the yard and finally to the lake. One of the babies got stuck in the rocks and we had to get him out and into the water. The loon came back for him and they are now a happy family."