Man Rescues and Adopts Stranded Cat

Occurred on February 27, 2022 / Los Mochis, Ahome, Sinaloa, Mexico

Info from Licensor: "I went to visit an elderly lady. When I got to her house, there was a kitten hidden in her garage. I asked if it belonged to her and she said no. She told me that she was an abandoned kitten who came to that house to see if they would give her food, so she fed her in the garage but had no intention of adopting her. I told her I would take her if she would let me and she said yes. She assured me that she had no owner, and the kitten's conditions suggested that was true (she was very dirty and with the beginnings of scabies on her little ears). So I brought her home, cleaned her, fed her and helped her adjust to her new home. I already have an appointment with a veterinarian friend to sterilize her (all my cats I sterilize them. Now she gets along great with her 3 little brothers, she sleeps most of the time, plays with me and the other kittens. She looks very happy."