Marc Chouarain Presents a Rare Instrument the Cristal Baschet

Occurred on October 14, 2019 / Paris, France

Info from Licensor: I'm presenting and explaining to Rbnb guests the Cristal Baschet. Usually, when people discover this instrument, they are amazed by the sound, the piece of art, and how it works, with water, glass, and metal. They also are very surprised not to have heard about it, as the sounds sound familiar. This is normal, there have only been 60 built since it's invention in 1952 by the Baschet brothers. It's a unique instrument that has not been exploited much yet. You can hear it in the movie 'Drive'. Maybe it will be the instrument of the future? Marc Chouarain plays it in his soundtracks and on Tour. He also created a music school for rare instruments in Paris called 'Le Studio Feerique'.