Massive storm sends yacht sinking to bottom of Russian harbour

A dramatic video from southern Russia caught when a yacht was sunk while in port during a massive storm in the Black Sea last Thursday (November 29).

The yacht 'Mariya' was docked at Gelendzhik, a small seaside on the shores of the Black Sea, before it was struck by the storm. Video of the scene shows it being battered against the harbour wall, before eventually sinking beneath the waves.

"It was really scary to watch such a powerful natural disaster whilst standing at the deck of my own boat, which nearly faced the same fate as 'Mariya' did.

"I couldn't let it drown, as I use it for work purposes, just like majority of other people in our region and, perhaps, like owner of 'Mariya' used to."

Accordingly to the Russian media, wind speed reached the peak of 45m/s, or over 100mph which is quite unusual for that region of Russia. Local authorities declared an emergency situation in the whole of Novorossiysk region, however no one was injured.