Monkeys cool off in lake as temperatures soar at the start of Thailand's new year

These sweltering monkeys had their own fun in the water - cooling off in a pond as temperatures reached 38C at the start of Thailand’s new year.

The annual Songkran festival - which is the hottest period of the year - sees tens of millions of locals and tourists take part in ceremonial water fights.

The wild monkeys showed that they can also enjoy splashing around in the hot weather.

The primates were filmed leaping into the lake and swimming on the outskirts of Bangkok this afternoon (April 12).

The annual Songkran festival, a national public holiday, lasts from April 12 until businesses re-open again on April 17.

It began hundreds of years ago as a celebration of Buddha images with villagers sprinkling each other with water for good luck as they welcomed in the coming rainy season.

But in recent years it has developed into a booze-fulled water fight festival that attracts many holidaymakers and backpackers.