More suspected bombs found in Bangkok at train station in heart of tourist area

Police secure a suspicious black package suspected of being another bomb in Bangkok this morning (August 2) after multiple explosions hit the city injuring several people.

Footage shows bomb disposal experts at the Sala Daeng BTS station in the centre of the Thai capital. The area is next to bustling tourist destination Patpong red-light district on Silom Road.

Multiple bomb explosions hit Bangkok this morning injuring several people after devices detonated at key locations across the city - as police battled to secure another bomb near the Patpong red-light district.

Street cleaners Kisana Pongsaisee, Suntorn Rodseanglum, Sasinipha Petchthongloang were working in the Phra Ram 9 area of the Thai capital when the homemade device exploded just after 8.30am.

All of the victims were taken to the hospital. One of them is understood to have been seriously injured.

At least six explosions rocked the city during morning rush hour. There were two explosions during morning rush hour at the BTS Chong Nonsi station, one in Phra Ram 9 road and one at the government's Changwattana building.

Police and bomb disposal experts later found a black box suspected of containing a bomb and secured the area around the BTS Sala Daeng station - next to the bustling Patpong red light area on Silom Road packed with tourist.

The government's Changwattana building in northern Bangkok, Thailand, is visited every day by thousands of tourists making visa applications. A nearby government building was also hit there. A concrete bench was destroyed after the blast there.

Police closed down the area next to the transport systems while they investigated the blasts. They were also checking the King Power building in Bangkok - owners of Leicester City - and key establishment figures in Thailand.

Police said all the devices were homemade. At least one of the devices was a ping pong ball packed with ball bearings.