Mother catches python with her son's Incredible Hulk rubber gloves

This fearless woman shows how to catch a snake like a boss - wearing her son's INCREDIBLE HULK rubber gloves.

Supaphorn Onchum, 33, approached the serpent after noticing it wrapped around a metal gate at her house in Bangkok, Thailand, on October 7.

She rummaged around for a stick or broom but was unable to find any snake-catching equipment.

Undeterred, Supaphorn decided to grasp the serpent herself and looked for something to protect her hands.

The data analyst quickly grabbed the enormous rubber gloves, modelled on the famous comic book cartoon monster.

Wearing the huge veiny green "mutant" hands, she calmly grabbed the python's head - safely knowing its fangs wouldn't penetrate her skin.

Mother-of-two Supaphorn then posed nervously with the 4ft long baby python unsure of what to do with it next. After briefly hesitating, she stuffed the reptile into an old rice bag and threw it away into the nearby undergrowth.

Husband Atrat Onchum said: ''My wife's very patient, she crept up on the snake quietly and caught it. I was very impressed.

''She's very smart and creative. My son has the Incredible Hulk costume so she used the big gloves to protect her hands. Snakes are clever, but not as clever as my wife.''