Mother dog cries for help and watches anxiously as her five trapped puppies are rescued in Thailand

A worried mother dog cried for humans to help rescue her puppies - then watched on anxiously as they were plucked to safety.

Panya Taoputtha, 60, heard a dog desperately barking and whining outside of his house in Bueng Kan, northeastern Thailand on Tuesday (August 13) morning.

He followed the sound and found the street dog running anxiously around the narrow gap between the concrete floor, where he also heard more dogs crying.

Five hapless puppies were discovered tightly squeezed inside the ten-centimetre-wide hole. Panya then called for the rescue foundation to help save them.

He said: ''The mother dog kept barking and leading me to the hole. I didn't understand what she was trying to tell me until I looked down and saw her babies.''

Volunteers and locals gathered at the scene. They began making a small lasso before dropping it into the gap to catch the trapped puppies.

Footage shows how two rescuers were tying the lasso onto the babies' leg before slowly pulling them one by one from the deep hole.

The worried mother was seen watching the team throughout the rescue. All of the babies safely returned to her mother again after an hour-long rescue.

Panya added: ''These dogs stayed in the neighbourhood for about a month now. Some cruel owner might have abandoned her when they knew she was pregnant.

''I feed them and play with them sometimes, so they are quite familiar with me. The mother might intentionally come to my place this morning to ask for my help.''