Out-of-control lorry veers from side to side on Philippines highway

This is the hair-raising moment a lorry wobbles from side to side after losing control on a highway in the Philippines.

The white lorry was forced to move quickly to the left to avoid colliding with a black car which moved into its lane from the right.

But having swerved out of the way, the larger vehicle lost its balance and teetered dangerously on its left side.

The truck then swayed back onto its right and again onto its left - with two wheels coming into the air at a 45-degree angle.

Luckily, the driver managed to steer into the bend and bring his truck back under control before stopping next to the hard shoulder to take a breather.

The near miss was captured on July 4 at 6:20am along South Luzon Expressway in Manila.

Passing driver Toti Bejerano, who recorded it on his dashboard camera, said:: "That could have been a serious accident. Good thing the driver was able to maneuver the truck.

''I imagine he was very shaken and needed a few minutes to compose himself. You can hear from the video how scared we were to see the truck almost crashing.''