Pollution in Bangkok reaches debilitating levels

A debilitating blanket of toxic pollution made up of deadly micro-particles of dust has descended on the capital of Thailand since last weekend, and is expected to continue for the next month.

The PM2.5 air-quality index (AQI) in parts of Bangkok reached a shocking 394 microgrammes per cubic, far past the acceptable limit of 50.

Officials have begun spraying water into the air as a response to the pollution and planes also flew over eastern regions dumping water from the sky. It is believed that the 'artificial rain' will help to disperse the pollutants lingering in the sky. Supermarkets and chemists have sold out of face masks that filter out the dust particles, as Thai locals rush to protect themselves.

The deadly cloud of smog engulfing Bangkok is being contributed to by the heavy flow of traffic and street food sellers barbecuing food, a local source reads.