Pooches Panic from Poorly Placed Firework

Occurred on December 31, 2018 / Dudley, England, UK

Info from Licensor: "At around 8:30 pm New Year's Eve night, Jacob and Luke left their house to walk our dogs like they do every night and just as they left our drive a firework which was shot off a grass verge aiming down the street narrowly missing them both and the dogs, hitting Luke's car windscreen, sliding over the car and exploding inches from them both. Both Luke and Jacob were in shock and couldn't see anything through all the flashes and smoke, the dogs were in such a panic they got tangled around Jacob's legs and Ziggy, our eldest cockapoo sprinted in panic and almost ran straight into the exploding firework. As soon as we could both see we immediately looked to the grass verge but didn't see anyone there. We rushed the dogs and ourselves into the house to check they were okay, luckily neither Luke, Jacob or either of the dogs was harmed. Over two hours later the dogs had still not calmed down and were shaking, panting and their hearts were racing, neither would even go outside to the toilet on their own. Both dogs have never been scared of fireworks before this incident."