Quick-thinking motorbike rider narrowly avoids being crushed by 40ft long shipping container

This is the miraculous moment a quick-thinking biker cheated death when a lorry toppled over inches in front of him.

The eighteen-wheeler was going around a bend when the motorcyclist accelerated to overtake on the outside lane in Nonthaburi, central Thailand.

But the truck - carrying a 40ft long shipping container - lost control when a rear tyre bust and toppled over straight into the path of the rider.

Hair-raising dash cam footage from the car behind shows how the motorcyclist managed to quickly brake, looking on in shock as the truck smashed into the ground where he would have been.

Praphas Phon-anan, the car driver behind the truck, said that he was also trying to follow the motorcycle and pass the truck before the crash.

He said: ‘’I was very shocked when I saw the truck roll over in front of me. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if I’d decided to accelerate my car and pass it.’’

The truck driver emerged from the wreckage and was seen standing by his vehicle after the crash.

Motorists Praphas checked the driver was safe then reported the incident at the police station some 200 meters away.

He said that the truck rolled over because it appeared to have been speeding around a curve.

‘’Truckers have to be experienced and be very careful because such accidents could kill innocent people. The biker and I were just lucky this time,’’ he added.

The footage was captured last month on March 21.