Quick-thinking US dad catches 11-month old son after he falls from chest of drawers

This father from Marin County, California, shows off his 'dad reflexes' by catching his 11-month old son in the nick of time after he falls from a chest of drawers.

Damien Filiatrault was fixing their diaper disposal system when he noticed his son, River, rolling off the changing table.

Luckily Damien managed to catch his son, preventing any serious injury. The grateful father told Newsflare: "Our housecleaner had left the diaper genie taken apart, so I got slightly distracted trying to fix it while our son, River, was on the changing table.

"River got curious as to what I was doing and would have crashed headfirst into the floor if I hadn't noticed at the last second.

"I said 'Jesus' as it happened and 'wow, River' after I put him down. I was thinking how impossible this diaper genie is to get working right. Literally, no time to think when he started to fall. The part my friends love is how I just went right back to fixing the diaper genie like nothing happened!"

This footage was filmed on Thursday, May 16.