Rare Ooshie Becomes Angel Wings for Charity

Occurred on August 5, 2019 / Tungamah, Victoria, Australia

Info from Licensor: "I recorded this video while I was breaking down the famous furry Simba ooshie that was cut up on live TV. I used acetone to help break the parts down and mixed together a clear resin that I then cast the pieces into after I had mixed in some pearl powder. We made a heart shape with wings attached and also a wing on its own. We got three pieces out of it and will be donating one of them to Beyond Blue to support those suffering from depression. The second piece will be donated to Torlano Station and auctioned, with all proceeds going to mental health organisation Beyond Blue. We want all farmers to know they're not alone. We will continue to make the public aware of the Murray Darling Basin problem until something changes. The end result was beautiful. I hope this really helps people understand that we are real and the issues we face and that not everything is about money. Sometimes you have to look at what's more important."