Severed iguana tail thrashes like snake in grass

Two cousins stumble across something thrashing around wildly in the grass. Instead of being a snake as initially expected, it turned out to be a severed iguana tail, still moving around.

"My cousin and I were in Costa Rica on our private wildlife reserve finish up a hike," said the filmer. "As we came out of the woods onto the hill above the house, something green darted through the grass in front of me and scurried off to my left."

It turned out that the thing that had scurried off to his left was an iguana who had left its tail in the grass, still moving. This footage shows the bizarre moment that the filmer picks up the tail as it continues to wriggle.

Five minutes later, the tail keeps wiggling. Iguanas, the filmer explains, have fracture planes in their tales to allow for easy escape if captured by a predator. They regrow after a period of months.