Shocking moment crane full of cement plunges from 34th floor of tower block onto cars in the Philippines

This is the terrifying moment a crane full of cement plunges from the 34th floor of a tower block onto cars injuring six people.

Drivers were waiting in a line of traffic during morning rush hour when the huge metal container plunged to the ground yesterday (June 26).

A loud crash was heard before scaffolding covering the road collapsed. Six people hurt and five cars were damaged after the incident Pasig City, the Philippines.

The victims were rushed to the nearest hospital while shaken drivers vowed ''never to drive under building sites'' again.

Dash cam footage shows the the bars across the road with netting collapsed with the impact of the falling construction equipment.

The owner of the vehicle, Paulo Reyes, said that he will never pass by another unfinished building again. Along with other affected vehicle owners, Paulo went to the Pasig Police station to report what happened.

He said: ''It was very scary. It’s a miracle nobody was killed. I will never drive past a construction site again. I am worried about what could happen.''

Pasig City Police said they had received reports of the incident and were now investigating.

A spokesman said: ''Officers are looking at whether all the correct safety procedures were followed during the construction.''