Table tennis whiz reveals his 100 best trick shots

This table-tennis whiz has revealed his 100 best trick shots.

Ardiansyah Goli, 23, from Medan, Indonesia, started playing ping pong when he was just six years old. He learned trick shots in his teenage years and now boasts an arsenal of more than 100 different mind-boggling shots.

The sports science student can serve the ball with so much backspin his opponent doesn't even get a chance to make contact before it bounces back over the net.

Goli can knock balls out of the air with his amazing accuracy and even float the balls softly into a cup on the edge of the table.

Goli said: ''I practice every day for at least two hours. I dream of table tennis even when I am sleeping.

''I've won many competitions in matches at my university and in Indonesia. But it is my goal to be a professional.''