These 20 Amazing Pictures Of Natural Disasters Will Blow Your Mind

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, 2010 (Iceland)


Monsoon Rain on The Januma River, 2006 (India)


A Landslide Closed Highway 1 in California, 2011 (US)


A Massive River of Lava Flowing into the Ocean Shortly Before Dawn (US)


Undersea Volcano in Tonga, 2009 ( Polynesian)


A Volcano Erupting During Storms in the Middle of the Night, 2008 (Chile)


Running From The Tsunami, 2004 (Indonesia)


Hurricane Force Winds, 2012 (US)


Eruption of Mount St. Helens, 1980 (US)


The Largest And Deadliest Wildfires in California (US)


Amazing View of Alabama's Tornado, 2011 (US)


A House Drifting On The Ocean, 2011 (Japan)


Mobilizing in the Middle of the City by Boat, 2005 (US)


A Huge Crack in the Highway After an Earthquake, 2012 (Philippines)


Buildings Collapsed After an Earthquake, 2010 (Haiti)


A Young Man Marooned by Flood Waters Seen from a Helicopter, 2010 (Pakistan)


Ash Clouds Above The Buang Valley on The Upper Ridge of the Mayon Volcano, 1984 (Philippines)


Supercell Thunderstorm in Montana, 2010 (US)


Double Cyclone, 2006 (Iceland)


Lightning Storm in Roswell, New Mexico, 2010 (US)