Up Close and Personal with a Basking Shark

Occurred on August 1, 2017 / Isle Of Coll, Hebrides, Scotland

Info from Licensor: "I drove from London to Oban in Scotland and jumped on a ferry to the Isle of Coll, which is within the Scottish Hebrides. This is the base where we joined a 3-day tour with Basking Shark Scotland to swim with Basking sharks. After 2 days with no sightings, on the last day in the last hour, we saw a dorsal fin break the surface moving away from us. We tried our luck and jumped in and after a minute in the murky green waters, it turned around and circled us, enabling me to get this cool close up shot! It got so close the tail fin nearly whacked me as the swell took me in towards the shark as it glided past."