Wild elephant steps over checkpoint barrier to raid village in southern India

This is the impressive moment a smart wild elephant walks over a checkpoint barrier with ease.

The incident barrier occurred at Padavayal check-post near Gudalore in Nilgiris in South India on March 2.

CCTV footage shows the wild elephant walking briskly towards a village to raid for food.

It comes across a check-post barrier, erected by the forest department, and pauses for a moment.

The barrier consisting of an iron pole suspended horizontally at a height of four feet turns out to be a poor deterrent.

Using trunk and a leg, the elephant presses the pole to the ground and easily puts across its front legs. As the pole is released to regain its original height, the elephant comfortably lifts its back legs and crosses the barrier with ease.

A forest official said the elephant goes every day to the village in its search for food and was fond of leftovers at the vegetable market.

''It is intelligent and friendly, never attacks anyone. Just minds its business and returns to the forest after feeding,'' said the official.

''It could have easily destroyed the barrier but chose not to. It shows that human-elephant conflicts are overstated.'' added the official.

Local villagers say there are at least three more wild elephants that behave similarly.