Wild elephant with injured feet given 'shoes' to let it walk back into the jungle

In a first for India, the Ramnagar forest department has developed a simple but innovative solution to protect an elephant's feet when they are injured - shoes.

Laxmi, an Indian elephant aged between 45-50 years, was given shoes to treat her injured feet at Ramnagar, in Uttarakhand state, north India on March 28.

Laxmi's foot injuries were so severe she had to be lifted by crane stand her up after she fell unconscious, in order to receive emergency injections on March 24.

After that the Forest department appointed a medical team, together with a team from Pantnagar Medical university to treat Laxmi near where she had fallen earlier.

Due to infection in her leg she was in pain and unable to move prompting the medical team to come up with this unique idea to make a special shoe for her to reduce her pain.

Officials reported: "Time will tell how effective the 'shoes' [are]. This, we hope, will give relief to the elephant. She was suffering.

It was also reported that although the infection was treated, the recovery period would be slow, since the open sores were exposed to dirt and dust, and the 'shoes' will hopefully be able to counter this.